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Relcon Inc. offers a complete line of Heat Tracing Products and Systems for freeze protection and temperature maintenance of pipes, vessels, pavement and floors.

Tyco - Thermal Controls

The finest products and services for the heat-tracing industry are marketed in North America by Tyco Thermal Controls under such marquee brand names as Raychem, Tracer, Pyrotenax, and DigiTrace


The Raychem brand provides electrical heat-tracing solutions for all commercial and industrial uses. Applications include freeze protection and temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels located in ordinary and classified hazardous locations, snow-melting and deicing of asphalt and concrete pavements, de-icing for roofing, gutters and downspouts, floor warming for concrete, tile, and marble floors, and freezer floor frost heave prevention, and electric thermal storage


The Tracer brand of heat-tracing integration services for electric and steam heat-tracing systems includes power distribution, pipe insulation, control & monitoring systems, pre-fabricated electric heat trace control buildings, engineering & construction services, pre-fabricated safety shower & eyewash stations, clamp-on pipe shoes, tank insulation panel system, steam tracing systems, prefabricated instrument winterization, pre-fabricated insulation piping systems, and modular construction of piping and equipment.


The Pyrotenax brand of mineral insulated cables and accessories for the wiring, heating, and temperature measurement industries. Applications include critical circuit cables for petrochemical, commercial, and industrial processing, critical life-safety circuit cables, pipe tracing, electronic controls, snow/ice melting, waterline freeze prevention, thermoelectric cables for temperature sensing and maintenance.


The DigiTrace brand of control and monitoring systems for the heat-tracing industry. These controllers are compatible with mineral-insulated, constant wattage, and self-regulating types of electric tracing and provide monitoring of all important trace parameters including temperature, voltage, current, resistance, and ground fault levels.

Tyco Thermal Controls, LLC

O'Brien Corporation

Pre-insulated and heated tubing bundle systems (steam or electric); weather-proofed single line pre-insulated tubing; heated hose; custom designs w/ factory installed temperature sensors, communication, monitor & power wires, alternate jacket colors; rigid & flexible instrument enclosures with instrument mounting brackets, steam & electric heaters; modular support system for field mounted instrumentation with excellent corrosion resistance & 10 year replacement guarantee.

O'Brien Corporation

Environmental Technologies

Snow & Gutter Ice Melting Controls, Sensors, Floor Warming Thermostats, Pipe Freeze Protection Controls

Environmental Technologies, Inc.

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